What is Live Counselling?

Online Counselling is the interaction between the counsellor and the client through the use of the internet. Counselling is communicated through the use of a messenger program so the counselor and client are able to directly chat.

Power of Mind can provide a more convenient and suitable way of being able to log on to counselling sessions through online communication. This is an effective way of talking to an experienced counsellor.

There is no travelling – be at home and have counselling at your own convenience, enjoy being in the comfort of a different setting whether it be your work or any other place at all times of the day, when you feel ready and comfortable to do so. You can access the internet anywhere at the time it best suits you.

The process of writing down thoughts and feelings can be particularly powerful. For some, this can help to focus thoughts and concerns. Online interaction also gives you the option to reflect or re read your communication with the counsellor.

By using online counselling, individuals can be helped as most clients tend to feel embarrassed or not motivated enough to come to the counseling session if it is a face to face counselling session.


Power of Mind believes it is very important to respect every individual and take into consideration their points of view.

Confidentiality is very important and essential when counseling clients.

Power of Mind is a highly confidential service and will always act in accordance to the social, legal and ethical issues.

Many people experience a sense of stigma or shame around issues. The opportunity for an anonymous and confidential support online can help many people to feel safer and more in control when they communicate about their concerns.